BITUBI is a project that arose from the real needs and problems which we met in our everyday work and that may also apply to you. These needs might not be as important as to interest the Top Management, but they make our lives difficult – the lives of marketers, product managers and sales representatives. They are sometimes so trivial that they should not be encountered at all. They take our time which should be spent on more important things. BITUBI is a tool that helps to get rid of these problems by increasing effectiveness of our daily work and saving our time.

An here we are:

Agnieszka Skuza picture Agnieszka. Educated as a marketer. She has gained experience in the IT industry as a Product Manager, where she met others with such challenges like BTL materials management and their logistics. Privately loving mom of three boys.

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Lucyna Kojm picture Lucyna. Knows all the ins and outs of logistics and printing. She has worked for a number of leading advertising agencies, where she gained experience in the following areas: printing production, management, advertising budgets, developing BTL campaigns and working on brand development. Privately the lover of old music and Hlidegarda of Bingen.

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BITUBI Lucyna Kojm Agnieszka Skuza Sp.j.


ul. Makowa 14
30-650 Krakow

VAT: PL6793111707

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