We provide the location of advertising and information materials for IT companies. We translate from English into Polish the following documents:

English - Polish translations for IT

  • datasheets
  • websites content
  • brochures, white papers
  • case studies
  • press releases
  • presentations
  • infographics


English – Polish translations for IT companies

Translation agencies offer specialized translations of technical or even IT profile. We know from experience that the results are generally not fine. Specialization of these translations is achieved through the use of specific software, which includes an industry vocabulary base. IT and new technologies are the fields so broad and rapidly evolving that it simply doesn’t work. Apart from incomplete databases, they have yet another weaknesses. Many words and phrases can be translated in several ways. The person to choose the right version is the translator who is not an IT professional. In addition, many terms are used in English, and translated sound artificial and not very professional. Sounds familiar?

Our translation process is different. First, the whole text is translated by a professional translator, and then corrected by another one. After that a person familiar with the terminology of advanced technologies makes te final correction, additionally consulting more complex terms with a specialist in particulat IT field.

If you need, we can also prepare the translated material for printing or distribution in the form of a pdf file (DTP), and even print and provide the finished product – leaflets or brochures.

If you want to see whether our translation will meet your needs please send us a sample of text (up to 1,000 characters with spaces), and we will translate it for free.

Ask for price:

Maximum filesize: 20 MB. Allowed extensions: pdf, doc, docx, ppt.

Please send the files above 20MB via hosting services, like Dropbox.